Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Winter is Coming and I Couldn't Be Happier

Yes, I know it's April but that means the premiere of Game of Thrones is only a few weeks away! In case you don't know, Game of Thrones is based on the novel series by George R.R. Martin. While I have not read the series, it grabbed my attention as a interesting fantasy series. Because it looks so interesting, I have delved into the Westeros, the world where winter can last for decades and everybody is after the Iron Throne.

They released a fifteen minute preview, which gives us a glimpse into the world. We got to see some deserters from the Night Watch face an evil that has not been seen. We then got to see Lord Eddard Stark as he manages his kingdom and teaches his sons. While I would have hoped for a bit more detail, I really enjoyed the look and feel of the show. In case you missed it, here is the preview.

What really sold me on Game of Thrones was the "Making Of" episode that was shown on HBO. The passion that executive producers, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, feel comes out when they speak about the show. Both are fans of the book series. On top of that, they have the full support of Mr. Martin, and I always love when the creator supports an adaptation. It makes me feel like the characters' integrity is being protected.

The other important piece that excites me for Game of Thrones is how much detail was put into the show. The press releases are filled with the crazy details that go into each costume. They even had the Language Creation Institute create a language for the Dothraki, a tribe from the show. It was created by David Peterson, a language expert, who created over 1,800 based on the books. In case you wanted to learn some Dothraki, here are some tips:

Did you know? Hash yer ray nesi?

The name for the Dothraki people - and their language - derives from the verb "dothralat" which means to ride.

The longest word in Dothraki is "athastokhdeveshizaroon," which means from nonsense. Can't wait for one of the actors to have to say that!
- From HBO Press Release

The detail may be the show's downfall; the first episode synopsis was very hard to follow because I didn't know the characters. Based on what I have seen so far, I'm not overly concerned and once the show starts I am sure I will be able to delve right into this world.

HBO has been everywhere promoting the show, so I am sure you have seen something about it. I really like how they are interacting with fans. They have a great online presence, including active Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have been lucky enough to to be involved with some of their outreach.

I was able to visit the Game of Thrones Food Truck while it was in NY. It was a fantastic experience to try food based on the show's culture. Each day they had a different menu of Westeros-inspired (really traditional English) food. The menu was designed by Chef Tom Colicchio.

The day I went, I tried the Squab with Black Pudding and a Lemon Cake for dessert. Everything was fantastic, except the Black Pudding. I want to like it but I never have. If you don't know what Black Pudding is, consider yourself lucky. If you are in the LA area this week, try finding the food truck!

Have you joined their online community? You can join one of the seven kingdoms of Westeros, play games to help your family beat the others or just betray your family and have the chance to win prizes! The games are kinda cheesy but it kept me entertained, plus I like the chance to win free stuff!

So until the premiere on April 17th, I have plenty to get me psyched up for the show. I am even walking around and saying Winter is Coming in a serious voice. I can't wait for this show!

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  1. I am so excited for this show, it has so much potential! I love the novel series but I'm not crossing my fingers for some slavish adaptation that's word for word. For one thing, given the length of these novels, that's quite impossible. Second, it would be just plain boring. The level of detail, methodical pace, and sheer number of characters and story lines that goes into the novels would choke a high fidelity cinematic version of any length. Nevertheless, we have the potential here for a serious take on fantasy drama and adventure that could well spur on new respect (and new financial backing opportunities) for the genre. IGH members, I highly recomend buying the novels or downloading them to your kindle. Be warned: Even I, a dedicated epic fantasy fan, was a bit daunted by these books at first. The characters are many, the pacing is slow, and in general these books could be described as "Dense". If not for my neurotic and lifelong dedication to finishing any novel i've started (which I, sadly, have to admit I've violated exactly three times in my life), I probably wouldn't have bothered to finish the first fifth of the book. But let me tell you, if you can let 'ol J.R.R. set the hook, you'll be reeled in like a hungry grouper. The rest of the novel and the next three books were downed like a cold drink in a hot desert. The best thing about this series (and, it is hoped, about the upcoming show)? No one is safe. Like the Walking Dead comic, the author is not afraid to kill the heck out of characters you thought were in it for the duration of the series. Second best thing? Characters who initially would seem to be the "bad guys" are developed far beyond their initial presentation. The author has the amazing ability to make you absolutely HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE and PRAY FOR THE DISMEMBERMENT OF certain antagonist characters and then delve into them as if they were the protoganists. Then, either through an exploration of their past, inner thoughts, or by the trials and challenges he puts them through, makes you fall completely in love with them and suddenly you realize they are as much the protagonists as the initial "good guys". Truly these books continually stay fresh because they are always changing the status quo and never follow the path of cliche or predictability. Aaaah.... I ramble. Anyways....

  2. Wow. I was only a somewhat excited for this. Wilderowens made it sound interesting and the preview looks good, but you just caused my excitement levels to go from 6 to 9 easy.

  3. I'm glad my enthusiasism was so spreadably infectious. I have a question for IGH, however: How does one pass along suggestions for Kickstarter of the week? Is there a long queue of projects vying for that coveted space?

  4. @TheCBGuy: As for reading the book, I need to see the first season before I read the book. I am afraid that if I read the book first, I will be disappointed with the show.

    As for Kickstarter Project of the Week, its really whatever fancies me. If you have any suggestions, email me at insertgeekhere(at)gmail(dot)com or just tell me the next time ya see me.