Friday, February 16, 2018

Toy Review: Playmobil's Ghostbusters 2 Egon Spengler

In the lead up to Toy Fair, we got a great chance to play with some Playmobil!  Most importantly, I got a chance to play with a slime-splattered Spengler!  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Toy Review: Captain Phasma & Finn LEGO Brickheadz

As a palate cleanser from the Rick and Morty debacle, Matthew from NerdNewsToday and I decided to have some fun and put together a couple of LEGO Brickheadz. Captain Phasma and Finn are part of the Star Wars collection of Brickheadz. Rey and Kylo Ren complete the set of four.

We filmed this immediately after completing the Rick and Morty set, and to be completely honest, I was still a bit wrecked from that, but I love these Brickheadz. I find them weirdly therapeutic, and because of that, my collection keeps growing. Check out the video and see what I'm talking about.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Toy Review: McFarlane Toys Rick & Morty "Spaceship & Garage" Construction Set

Matthew from NerdNewsToday and I are back with the grand finale of our Rick and Morty construction sets by McFarlane Toys adventure. Adventure is I think the best way to describe it, because there have been many ups and downs regarding this series.

And then we get to this. The largest set of the line, the Spaceship and Garage. 293 pieces. As you can probably tell from the thumbnail, a little stress might have been involved. Due to the nature of the set instructions, it's really hard for two people to try and work on this set at the same time, so Matthew let me handle the construction. Emotions were involved. Lots of emotions. So, buckle up, strap in, and watch as I descend slowly into madness as I attempt to put this set together.

If you want to know what happened after the cameras turned off, sound off in the comments and I'll reveal the rest. I hope you enjoyed my pain. 

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Toy Review: Playmobil "Ghostbusters 2" Peter Venkman Figure

As you know, Playmobil launched a Ghostbusters line of playsets, which Matthew from NerdNewsToday and I reviewed. You can find those here, here, here, here, here, and here. Well, Playmobil is back with more. This time, it's Ghostbusters 2, and we are reviewing Peter Venkman.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Happy Birthday LEGO!

That's right, LEGO turns 60 today!  It's amazing to hear it because this company hasn't really changed over the decades. This brick has been loved for generations past, and generations to come.

Looking back at the company, LEGO Group founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen launched the first bricks called Automatic Binding Bricks in 1949.  In 1953, the name was changed to LEGO  or “Mursten” which is Danish for LEGO bricks.  The original bricks were hollow underneath, so they had limited clutch power unlike the bricks today.  LEGO's early years had color bricks available that were white, red, yellow, blue and green.  LEGO has definitely grown since!  Check out this video to see the company in its early years!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jurassic Park Turns 25!

It’s amazing to me how time passes. I was starting to wonder why I was seeing so much Jurassic Park  (not Jurassic World, but Park specifically) items in my inbox.  Then I realized this year is the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park

I remember being a kid and going to see Jurassic Park with my family it was actually a doubleheader with a young Robert Downey Jr. movie Heart and Souls. Even young me was thinking "wow this is such a weird combination" but why would I care because dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs. Even when we went to see Jurassic World both Wysefyre and I got so excited because dinosaurs. You can’t get upset when you get to see dinosaurs just running around like they’re still actually around.

That’s why despite the fact that I’m dreading that this is the 25th anniversary (I feel so old!), I’m excited to see more Jurassic Park toys come out. Now I know I will see so much when I go to Toy Fair NY a few weeks but the first few pieces to be announced from different companies has me excited already. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Unboxed: Japanese Blind Bag Random Figure Review Rumble 1

I don't know Japanese toys at all. Kotobukiya is probably the brand I know best. I like Japanese toys when I see them, but I just don't spend time with them. Which is precisely why Matthew from NerdNewsToday put together a Japanese version of the Blind Bag Random Figure Review Rumble 1. Yeesh! Talk about a mouthful. If you have any suggestions as to a new name, sound off in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy!

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