Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New line of Noms from Yummy World!

So today I was on the phone, chatting with Wysefyre when an email from Kidrobot showed up.  I proceeded to squeal so loud I possibly damaged one of her eardrums.  Yes, for reals.

Kidrobot announced their new line of Yummy World plushies today and damn it, I want them all!  Curse my tiny Brooklyn apartment! Check them out after the break!

24" Soda Pop Saul / Peter Popcorn $74.99 each

16" Frankie Fries /  Karl Ketchup, $29.99 each

 24" Percy Peanut / 16" Soft Serve Sally, $29.99 each


16" Drumstick Dan / 16" Siamese Sausage, $29.99 each 

My personal must-have, Clara Carrot is 16" of crunchy goodness!  Also at $29.99 price point, it will be mine!



4" Dimples Dumpling, Miso Sam, Handroll Hiro, Brock Choy, Eri Ebi, Tammy Tamago, $5.99 each

All of these will be released this month!  One thing is for certain, I think Kidrobot is on the right track with Yummy World.  I don't know if there will be more announcements before Toy Fair, but I will be waiting eagerly!

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