Sunday, March 13, 2016

Game Review: Firefly Fluxx

Out this week is Firefly Fluxx from Looney Labs in partnership with Gale Force Nine. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy at Toy Fair this year. Actually, I saw the Firefly art from the distance, made a beeline for the booth, and then questioned them incessantly so they gave me a copy to shut me up. Looney Labs are awesome people.

This is a licensed version of the Fluxx game. Looney Labs has created a number of Fluxx versions including Batman, Uglydoll, and Cartoon Network but also Holiday, Pirate, Nature and Zombie!

The gameplay is pretty basic. You draw one and play one. There is a goal and you need to get the keepers that match that goal. However, the goal keeps changing. The rules keep changing. You can draw more cards, play more cards and more restrictions or freedoms can be added. Other players keep playing actions and surprises to stop your moves and change up the game. Plus, there are creepers that totally mess up any chance you have to win so getting rid of them becomes top priority. Sounds like fun, right?

And you can see my fav card.....
Very handy for when I needed a bathroom break!
Since I had a copy to test out, where better than my local Browncoats meetup? People were of course very excited to play. We had a mix of seasoned Fluxx players and newbies like myself playing over the course of a few games. So my plan was to take pics during the game to show you all the gameplay. However, the game was too much fun; I forgot about taking pictures of the actual game!

Here is the final results. The newbies all enjoyed the game. It was a fun pace but didn't drag on or last too long. As for the seasoned Fluxx players, they all said it was comparable to the other Fluxx versions they had played. The one wish they all had was that there would be more creepers in the deck. I can understand that. Having more hurdles could expand the gameplay and make it a bit more competitive. Luckily, Looney Labs already figured that one out!!!

On their Facebook page, they announced two promo cards that already fill this need.  Alliance Treasure, which is a Keeper card that "Counts as Stolen Goods, or Money, or Booty. Cannot be Plundered."  The other promo card is The Alliance, a Creeper that prevents you from winning the game while it is in your possession.  You will be able to order these from the Looney Labs online store soon!  So what are you waiting for?  The Fluxx 'Verse is ready to explore!

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