Monday, September 27, 2010

The Event: "I haven't told you everything"

 This is spoiler-filled so read it at your own risk.

"I haven't told you everything."

That final line of the episode sums up how I felt after watching the premiere of The Event.  It is a confusing world that this show lives in, following in the likes of Lost, FlashForward, and The Hills.

It follows a group of random people that have been caught up in situations beyond their control.  You start off during a plane attack and jump into the past with each character.  Each time you jump, you gain a sliver of insight but the story is still very tangled and yet simple.  The father and boyfriend looking for the daughter/girlfriend they lost; The US President trying to keep control while he protects his people, the strange spy who is trying to do the right thing, and the strange women who is a prisoner and seems to know it all.  Then there is teleportation/wormholes.  That is the sci-fi angle, which will be explained eventually (hopefully).

I will admit, I think Laura Innes is going to rock this role.  She has an air of importance that her character needs to keep control of an impossible situation.  If I watch this for any actor, she will make it worth it.

So we wait for tonight.  I think I will give it another shot.  Shows like this, that start off secretive and confusing, can either be amazing or irritating.  I will give it a chance.  Will you?

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  1. And 7 years from now you'll be wondering is that REALLY what the island was all about??? I think I'll skip "The Event"...for now at least.