Thursday, October 13, 2011

Road to NYCC '11: Con Celebrities 101

So, you are ready to head off to con, excited and fresh-faced to see your favorite writer/artist/editor/actor/designer/etc....  How are you going to handle the excitement of it all?  And, how are you going to not do something that gets you arrested?

Truth be told, I have made an ass out of myself in front of a celebrity.  Because of that shameful incident, bail money is always kept on hand.  I'm not the only fan who has crossed the line at cons.  Every year, there is always a fan who takes a little too much time with a celeb, or starts fights with other fans just to see this person.

For all of you overly excited fans, here is a little handy dandy guide to keep you on the safe path.

If you feel that this doesn't apply to you, the just remember a few golden rules:

* Please be respectful to celebs, Don't be rude. They deserve common decency from their fans, not vicious verbal attack.

* Please be respectful of other fans. We are all excited to see these awesome people but that doesn't mean we get to cut lines or start fights.  And no pens.

Following common sense and general courtesies will make this and every con a fun, happy dance party time!

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