Friday, February 3, 2012

Scott Snyder at Midtown Comics: The Hottest Ticket in Town!

The January Book Club at Midtown Comics was Scott Snyder discussing his Batman graphic novel, The Black Mirror. It was a night of surprises like the Midtown Comics crew hasn't seen for the book club before.

That afternoon, I got an email from a friend telling me to get to Midtown Comics right after work. I thought he was just excited to see me. I ended up leaving work late and rushed over there. What I found was not what I expected. The alley next door was filled with lines of expectant geeks. And I mean filled. I went upstairs to find out that people had been waiting since before 3pm. Normally, the book club is 10-20 people, so I was completely thrown.

Rather than try and crash, I decided to pass on seeing Scott Snyder. As much as I wanted to see him, I know better than to mess with a crowd of eager geeks!  I did stay to see the Midtown Comics staff squeeze fans into the store. One thing that was great was Snyder went outside and greeted fans that waited on line. That is a super classy move. I also think that the Midtown Comics staff handled this influx of fans really well. I commend you all on a job well done.

Even though I didn't get all of the juicy behind the scenes news of The Black Mirror, here are my thoughts about this book. First though, here is a quickie overview of the premise. This story follows Dick Grayson as the new Batman. He is trying to fill these very big shoes as he works to uncover Gotham's latest baddie. At the same time, Commissioner Jim Gordon wrestles with his feelings about the return of his son.

I was wow'd by the fantastic rhythm of this story. Every piece of plot connected so intricately and delicately; it made it a pleasure to read. The plot just opened up with ease and with it amazing insights into each character. Even characters that grace the page for a short time get treated with such care. No wonder Snyder had a sellout crowd, this book calls for it. On top of that, the art, by Jock and Francesco Francavilla, compliments the story perfectly. They bring an extra layer of character development, especially to those small roles. Truly a pleasure, this book is a must for anyone, Batman fan or not.

I hope that my glowing recommendation is enough, but for those fans still eager for the scoop, check out this piece from Midtown Comics staple, ZoĆ« A. Gulliksen. She wrote about what it was like to be one of the moderators at this event. Make sure to join us next month for Johnny Wanders: Vol 1 with creators Ananth Panagariya & Yuko Ota! Hopefully this time I will get a seat!  ;)

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