Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quickie-view with Daniel Johnston

While I was at MoCCA Fest, juggling my volunteer duties with wandering the floor, I got exactly two minutes with Daniel Johnston, creator of Space Ducks, at the Boom! Studios booth.  If you can't place the name, then just think really famous indie rock musician.  Squeeee!

My first question was to learn about how his comic came to be.  The way he tells it, his sister encouraged him to come up with a cartoon character. Since he loves to draw ducks, Space Ducks just came to mind.  Over the next few days, Daniel did the drawing and his brother printed it up.

Daniel is planning to do more in the Cool Comics series.  He even dropped a hint that a new character might be called Captain Crass.  He said that he loves making the comics and that they are selling really, really well.  Don't worry though; he is still spending time on his music!

MoCCA Fest was his first comic convention and Daniel seemed to enjoy it.  As for the fans, he said they seem to be very similar to his music fans since they are both collector-types and very nice.

Talking to Daniel was a blast and a big thanks to Boom! for snagging me those few spare minutes.  I hope you get to check out Space Ducks, because it looks like a lot of fun!

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