Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview with a Real-Life Comic Store Hero!

Courtesy of Midtown Comics & National Geographic

That's no typo kids, I got a chance to chat with Thor Parker, one of the stars of Comic Store Heroes!  That's right, I got a chance to chat with the Events Director of Midtown Comics, one of the biggest comic stores in the world.

Unlike other shows, Comic Store Heroes tries not to focus on the in-store sales and trades. Gerry is one of the owners, while Thor runs events and Alex handles major buys. So they spend more time focusing on their customer stories and how comics can change lives. Thor really expressed his caring side (that's a new side) about how Midtown Comics can bring people together, and I have to admit he is right. I have met so many geeks that are now good friends in their stores.

If you have been to the Midtown stores then you will know that the show takes place in all three, despite only showing the front of the Times Sq store. Fun Easter egg! Filming stretched out over a year, so there is even a chance you might see someone you know!

Thor said he hopes no one judges this show based on Comic Book Men, and that it is a different store in a similar setting. I asked for some feelings about the lack of women on CBM, which Thor said is not an issue with CSH. Midtown staffer Zoe Gulliksen appears along with customer and blogger Jill Pantozzi. I'm sure some of the other store employees also make some quick cameos. Thor said that the CSH producers tried to take the complaints about CBM into account when planning the show. Thor's wish is that this show promotes a positive view of fans and who we are to the world.

Courtesy of Midtown Comics & National Geographic
Knowing Thor, I was quick to ask for embarrassing stories from the show. While he didn't divulge anything, he did promise that he is very comfortable making a fool of himself on camera and that I will be pleased. Thor did say he would love it if they did a blooper reel so he could see all the stuff that was cut. I also made a point to see how big Thor's ego had grown. Thor said with a laugh "My ego is already huge, so [the show] hasn't affected it at all."

While this is a one episode deal, there is potential for more if enough viewers tune into National Geographic at 8pm est to watch! Yes, a lot of geeks are at SDCC tonight but as Thor put it, everyone is focused on comics now. Get your non-geek friends to watch too!

Just remember, tune into National Geographic Channel at 8pm est to watch!

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