Thursday, September 27, 2012

We had a Cthulhu Party!!!!

That's right, we had an impromptu Cthulhu party on our Facebook page.  It all started when I found this amazing meme.

Not sure who created this but I heart them.
I challenged our readers to become this fearsome beast.  It felt very Dr. Frankenstein.  I created the monster!  Muwahahahaha!  Two brave souls jumped in and make the transformation to become......Tie-thulhu!  Thanks to Michael F. and Michael R. for taking the leap into the great Lovecraft unknown to become the most fearsome, well-dressed creature alive!

Michael F., our very own Retro Tie-thulhu!

Michael R., our very own Patchwork Clown Tie-thulhu!

If you feel the need to join them in their Tie-thulhu revolution, share pictures of your transformation on our  FBPage!!!

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