Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Warm Bodies

We lucked out and were able to see the newest zombie flick a few weeks early. Warm Bodies is being portrayed as a funny teen love story, but does it hold up to the hype?

Wilderowens Review

This movie is so giggly-good. Yes, it's cheesy sometimes, but it just makes it work. Afterwards it was pointed out that the film had minor continuity discrepancies that I just didn't notice. I was just enjoying the ride that much. I will say that I did pick up pretty quickly that this is a loose take on Romeo & Juliet, which I'm surprised that they aren't promoting. But I've hardly seen anything linking it to the book it's based on, so go figure.

I enjoyed the actors' in their respective roles, with the standout being Nicholas Hoult as R. He was just fantastic and had such a different feel that I didn't recognize him from X-Men: First Class. His friendship with M was really felt and showed growing stronger as the story progressed.  Analeigh Tipton was also a great surprise as Julie's bf Nora.  This cast really makes this story great, when it probably should have just been good.

Teacup's Review

Warm Bodies is not the zombie movie you'd expect, unless you've read the book it's based on and therefore know what it's about. I had not read the book, nor had I been paying attention to any of the released publicity for the movie, as zombies or romantic comedies had never been my thing. By all accounts I should have hated it.  But I didn't. It's funny, quirky, with humor firmly rooted in modern day pop culture, with a more than a hint of parody toward the current popular 'supernatural' romance stories. What surprised me was the amount of heart it had. The entire film is loving and heartfelt and I left the theater with a warm and fuzzy feeling in my chest and the vague urge to come back on opening day and watch the movie again.

The soundtrack was probably my favorite part of the movie. Any movie that includes 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' in their soundtrack can do no wrong in my world. The actors perform more than admirably, better than their counterparts of the vampiric variety. Kudos to Analeigh Tipton as Nora and Rob Corddry as M, who both do fantastic jobs bringing life to secondary characters.

The only part of the film that fell apart in my opinion was the ending, which I'm assuming was the same ending as the book. I won't go into too much detail for fear of spoilers, but I will say that I wish there had been a better explanation for why the zombies were becoming 'exhumed.' My suspension of disbelief only goes so far, and the end of this movie strained it.

Wysefyre's Review

I was surprised by how much I liked Warm Bodies. I didn't know anything about it except that involved zombies, actors I liked, and a highly improbably love story. I expected to spend my time giving it the MST3K treatment, but instead I was more or less sucked into its sweet, funny, and a little gross world.

It's not perfect. There are inconsistencies in zombie performances, and I still have no clue as to why people became zombies or how their evolution came to be, but between an outstanding soundtrack, a fun basic plot, and strong performances from most of the actors, especially Rob Corddry, Analeigh Tipton, and zombie leading man, Nicholas Hoult, it's easy to just sit back and enjoy the experience. It's also a perfect date night movie. It's got something for everyone.

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