Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I'm Supporting the Dredd Sequel Fan Campaign

So yes, I've joined the Dredd Sequel fan campaign.  And no, I'm not referring to a sequel of Stallone 90's turn at Judge Dredd. Please forget that ever happened. This campaign is for the film released in 2012 starring Karl Urban.  And today, Sept. 18th, Dredd fans are being called to a Day of Action!

When I got the email about the fan campaign, I admit my first thought was "pfff. That movie went nowhere at the box office so it probably sucked liked the first one. " Plus, I haven't read a lot of Judge Dredd comics. Then I promptly forgot about it......until I was going through Netflix and found it. So I figured why not?

Well, now I get why it's worthy of a fan campaign. Dredd was a fantastic film! Straightforward, gritty with good action. Karl Urban was fantastic as always. He is one of those actors that can completely disappear into a role. Also, he says totally ready to don his helmet again.  Urban paired perfectly with Olivia Thirlby's rookie Judge Anderson as they fought Lena Headey's Maw Maw.  While it didn't soar on the US charts, it topped the box office in the UK.  Even with all the other UK properties that we embrace in the states, I think we can find room for the Judge.

The real reason this film is a success is show in comic sales.  In a recent interview, Michael Molcher (the head PR honcho for Rebellion/2000 AD aka Publisher of Judge Dredd)  said that print orders through Diamond are up over 90% since the film came out.  Honestly, I believe this because this film made me want to read more Dredd.  Especially the issue of Judge Dredd Magazine out today that is the comic book continuation from the film.

So for this Day of Action, the campaign is asking us all to drive Dredd up the charts.  That means buying the DVD, Blu-Ray, or iTunes and streaming it on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.  If you love it, you can even add your name to the petition. If you are feeling extra excited, check out this awesome fan t-shirt on Amazon UK.  So sit down today and give it a go.  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!  And remember, Judgement is Coming.

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  1. I saw this film in the theater twice. Since it has hit Netlfix I have watched it another 3 times. This is the Dredd film that I have wanted for years.

    1. I wish I had seen it in theaters! But I've watched it 4 times on Netflix. :)