Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Yummies from Yummy World by Kidrobot!

Yummy World is by far the very best line from Kidrobot.  Don't get me wrong; I love all their other stuff too.  However, Yummy World just gets me and I gets Yummy World.  So when I opened my email at my job and saw this, I might have squealed out loud.  Like, turned-heads-from-my-non-geeky coworkers loud.

Yummy World is bringing back their XL plushies and they are starting with the classic characters!  Check out these pics after the break.

 All pictures courtesy of Kidrobot

The new plushies include Pink XL Donut Plush, Sandy XL Ice Cream Sandwich Plush and the Large Coco Hot Chocolate Plush! The Pink XL Donut Plush retails for $49.99. Sandy XL Ice Cream Sandwich retails for $49.99. Large Coco Hot Chocolate Plush retails for $29.99.

All are available now on!


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