Saturday, January 16, 2016

Supernatural Figures Are Here (sort of)!

I swear the collectible higher-ups listen to my conversations, because I was literally talking about Supernatural merchandise yesterday, and its surprising lack of figures. There are the Funko POPs! and mini-blind bags, but they're not the same. 

Enter Entertainment Earth. 

The Impala is 1:18 scale die-cast metal, with Sam and Dean figures. Retail is $74.99.

I know it's not that same as having larger posable action figures, but these are a good start, though it does look like Dean is the same height as Sam, and we all know Moose is taller than Squirrel. I guess that just means these are practically perfect. 

They will be available in June 2016. You can pre-order them now here. Now pardon me, I have an order to place. 

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