Monday, February 15, 2016

Toy Fair '16 Star Trek Toys

One of the things I love about Toy Fair is seeing the same licenses interpreted by different companies. In this case, I'm talking about Star Trek. 

First up is Mega Bloks Kubros. The design is 8-bit and you can build all kinds of different pop culture figures. Think of them as buildable Funko POPs! but cooler.

Look, it's Worf!

Captain Picard is about to attack the Alien

Spock's about to use the Vulcan Nerve Pinch on Skeletor

Live Long and Prosper

Next up is Neca. The Borg Cube will be available later in the year, and the Deep Space 9 figure is available now.

Star Trek: Attack Wing Borg Cube with Sphere Port

Star Trek: Attack Wing Deep Space 9

And finally, one of my favorite companies, QMX. Their figures are any collector's dream. Kirk and Spock look like they're ready to jump into a battle or explore the Toy Fair floor. 

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