Thursday, September 22, 2011

Road to NYCC '11: Con Quest '11

This past weekend, the IGH team got to be sneaky, really sneaky.  Like Charlie the Unicorn sneaky.

Yeah, they are really tired of me repeating this scene over and over and over....

We were hiding prize envelopes for Con Quest '11.  In case you don't know, Con Quest is a multi-state scavenger hunt for New York Comic Con tickets.  Over parts of the east coast, dedicated geeks hid tickets to NYCC, who tweeted the clues.  We broke up into teams to cover NYC en masse.  The IGH team tweeted as Team We Go Hard!  This is now our team name for all group activities, even if a name isn't required.

This year, our team split up and hid prizes in multiple parts of the New York area.  Getsuyobi and I teamed up to hide an early morning prize on Long Island before heading into NYC.  Check out what the prize looks like:

I'm hiding....

Wysefyre hid one of the prizes in Queens at the Hall of Science.  After heading into the city, the rest of the team headed down to Coney Island to drop of a clue by Nathan's Famous.  After touching the bottom of a very gross phone booth, we headed to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, where we got to see some lucky guys find the prize we hid!  

Then we moved on to the best prize location ever, The Way Station.  For you non-NYers, The Way Station is the ultimate geek bar, including a Tardis bathroom.  In case you haven't been there, you should go.  We were supposed to hide the prize in the bathroom but the clue accidentally went out early and this lucky, speedy fan beat us there!


We closed out the night with a drink at the bar and a visit to the "Tardis" before the long ride home.  This was a lot of fun and a great way to get excited for New York Comic Con!  Thank a lot to the great NYCC team, lead by the awesome @henchling, for holding such a great event!

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