Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Comic Reading Challenge!

Here I was, perusing Facebook as I like to do, when I stumbled upon a page promoting a 2016 Reading Challenge.  The monthly list of book requirements caught my eye.  I love the guidelines for book options, and frankly think it would be a great graphic novel reading challenge.

While I probably don't need to add more reading to my to-do list, I can't help myself.  The best part is I'm bringing you all with me!

For January, since I am starting late, I had to pick my movie-based book quickly.  Once I checked out a list of comics that have been made into movies (thanks Wikipedia!) my first choice is 300, written and drawn by Frank Miller, with colors by Lynn Varley.  This was released from Dark Horse Comics in 1998 and adapted to film in 2007.

This follows the Spartan defense against the Persian invasion of Greece.  I really enjoyed the film, but never got the chance to check out its source material.  While I know it may not be totally historically accurate, I do enjoy some good Greek violence.

In case 300 doesn't intrigue you, I've got a couple more options I would like to recommend.

The Secret Service by Dave Gibbon and Mark Millar, Icon Comics
This was put to film in 2015 as a super spy Bond alternative.  It may be full of sex and violence, but that didn't stop me from recommending it to my mother, who loved the film.  While each differs in a lot of ways, both novel and film have strong moments worth checking out.

The Surrogates written by Robert Venditti, drawn by Brett Weldele, Top Shelf Productions
This was put to something that is loosely described as a film in 2009.  Don't look to that to decide about reading this book.  Venditti created a world so intriguing that they just did not translate well to the big screen.  Give it a shot.

I hope you join me for this challenge!  Let me know what movie-based graphic novels you are reading this month and start bugging your friends for recommendations for February!

Happy Reading!

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