Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random Thoughts: Justice League - Where Do Superman's Powers Come From?

I recently discovered that Justice League was playing on Netflix. This made me extremely happy. It's the "In the Blackest Night" episode where Green Lantern is on trial on Ajuris 5. The JL goes to rescue him, and Superman is kicking alien butt, which is always fun, but then I thought, "How does he have his powers on that planet?"

Superman is a comic that I would love to follow, but there is just too much to catch up on. I pick up some of the stories in the trades, but mostly, I get my Superman fix from the movies, TV shows, and occasionally Wiki. I was always under the impression that Superman's powers came from the yellow sun. Has that changed? If so, when and what's the new version?

I know there are many different versions of Superman (part of why I can't follow along), so which version is he in Justice League? If he gets his powers from our yellow sun, shouldn't he be powerless on Ajuris 5? How is he still flying, super strong, and bulletproof? Shouldn't he be whining about how the Flash is better equipped to handled the aliens than he is? 

It's been ages since I've watched Justice League. Is this ever explained? I don't remember, but part of me says it probably wasn't since it's a cartoon, and they probably overlooked this detail for the sake of entertainment, but dagnabit! I want my cartoons based on comics to be somewhat consistent or at least give me an explanation as to why they changed it!  

Wow. That was a grumpy old man "Get off my lawn" moment. I think I'm going to go and watch some more JL now. 

Until next time.

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  1. I question it all the time. DC probably has some lame duck reason as to why it all still works, but I've also never been a huge fan of Superman. Well, I was as a little kid, but once I could question things like where he gets his power from and why do we need anyone else and why is there so much freakin' kryptonite on earth, then I moved on.

  2. His home planet was made of cryptonite and his people had no powers there. He's has power anywhere there isn't cryptonite (earth and whatever planet your talking about doesn't have any or not enough to effect him and remove his powers)

    1. superman has powers in every planet he goes that's an answer I can give and homeland kryptonite was destroyed