Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Star Trek Meets Hamilton in Incredible Mashup

YouTuber Jackson Lanzing has created the mashup we never knew we needed until now. He has squished together Star Trek and Hamilton. For those who are unfamiliar with Hamilton, it is the Pulitzer Prize winning musical brain-child of Lin-Manuel Miranda, about the life of founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and blends traditional musical theater with rap and hip hop, and is one of the most incredible musicals ever created. 

My Spock is set to the music of My Shot and is nearly perfect in its musicality. I never realized it, but Hamilton and Spock have a lot in common. In a way, they're both between worlds. Hamilton was an immigrant, who was exceptionally smart, driven, and ambitious, and busted his butt climbing as high as he could go, but also never forgot he was an immigrant. In the 2009 version of Star Trek, which is what this video draws from, Spock is highly intelligent, driven, and has a needs to excel in all he does, but he is also torn between his two sides, the Vulcan and the human, and he becomes an immigrant of sorts when his planet destroyed. Basically, they're both super smart outsiders who are great at annoying people with their need to be right (because they usually are). 

My Spock captures all of that and gives us a decent summary of what happens in the movie. It's toe tappingly catching, and I hope Jackson makes more. 

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