Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour - Episode I: Tag

@Wilderowens here with the best video of the week.

This is the very first episode of the The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour, entitled "Tag".  Just overlook the fact that it is only 4:32, which I suspect was done on purpose....

This video answers that life altering question: How do you play tag?  This father and his friend try to teach it to his kids with hilarious results. More importantly, it shows how kids today can't just go out and play.  They need everything to have purpose and direction and lack imagination.  It makes me miss playing tag (and feel old).  I loved just running around until I fell over.

Anyways, this is funny stuff!  We all know the Jeff Lewis who plays our favorite leader Vork on The Guild but we very rarely get to see the cursing Jeff Lewis.  I have had a geek crush on him since I saw him in the Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em Improv show during San Diego Comic Con in July and this video just made it even worse.  This also stars other guild staples Brett Sheridan (Mr. Wiggly), Vince Caso (Bladezz) and Tara Caso (Dena).  Everyone had their acting hats on because they played it so straight-faced that it made everything even funnier. Vince and Tara came off as so monotone and bored that they reminded me of other teens that I know.

So thank you Jeff Lewis for making me laugh until I peed a little and making me think and making me feel old.

Well actually, just thanks for the first two.

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