Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breaking News: Marvel appoints Axel Alonso as Editor-In-Chief

In a not-so-surprising move today, Marvel announced the promotion of Axel Alonso to Editor-In-Chief.

Axel, an award winning editor, has been with the company for ten years, steadily moving up the ranks. Because it's hard for me to keep up with comics the way that I would like to, I had not been aware of who Axel was until last year, but then I started hearing his name everywhere. I was able to see him talk at SDCC and found him to be extremely engaging and full of ideas. You could tell this was a man who wanted to achieve a lot. After the
Fear Itself press conference, it was apparent that it was only a matter of time before either he or Tom Brevoort landed in the big seat. I'm a little surprised at how quickly it happened, but I think this will be great for Marvel.

Congratulations Axel! Here's to many years of great and exciting storytelling.

Update - Tom Brevoort might not have gotten EiC but he has been named Marvel's Senior Vice President of Publishing. Congrats Tom! You definitely deserve it!

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