Monday, October 1, 2018

TTPM Holiday Showcase 2018

I recently had the opportunity to go to the TTPM Holiday Showcase. It's a great event, where you get a sneak peek at some of the great toys that will be available for the holiday season (that includes October). Here are a few of the standouts.

Hairdorables from Just Play, LLC

This is a mind boggling collection. These insanely cute figures come in a blind box. On the one hand, this is a dream come true for a blind box nerd like me. On the other, my wallet is weeping. As you can see, there are so many to collect, with different degrees of rarity. They all have their own personalities and looks. If  was younger, I'd be doing all my chores and more to try and earn money to get all of these.

Take Along Haunted House from Playmobil

Playmobil has really upped their game over the years. Their stuff has always been fun, but now they're appealing to older collectors with their Ghostbusters and How to Train Your Dragon collections. And then you have something like this. It's not associated with a franchise, but it's something you want to play with. For more details about this, check out the review I did with Matt from NerdNewsToday.

Pikmi Pops from Moose Toys

Pikmi Pops look like lollipops, but contain a soft, colorful plush creature. What kind of creature? Who knows? They're blind pops! I love the concept. I told my niece about them, and she nearly passed out at the idea of them. That's a win in my book.

Cutetitos from Basic Fun

The last of the blind box/pop/plush items is the most unexpected of them all - Cutetitos. They're animals wrapped as burritos. The level of rarity is determined by the color of pepper on their sides. The "tortilla" they come wrapped up in is just as soft as they are, and you can use it as a blanket for the animals or for other toys/stuffed animals. They even had a larger one for the people to try. I wouldn't be surprised if that eventually became available to purchase. After all, how many memes have we all seen about using a blanket to make oneself a burrito? Basic Fun is making it possible.

Gorn from Mego

I've already reviewed a few Megos, and I love the different franchises they've gotten, but it's the Star Trek line I get the most excited for. I got to see the Gorn up close, and look how good it is! Anyone who knows the history of Mego, and particularly the Gorn figure, knows why this is such a big deal. I can't wait!

Creative Cafe Barista Bar

And finally, there's this, the Creative Cafe Barista Bar. It's a non-battery operated machine that allows kids to create chocolate or strawberry "lattes." It comes with flavored powder, but you can use hot cocoa or some other powder. You can make hot or cold drinks. If you put plain milk in after you make the flavored drink, you can create "foam" to put on top of the drinks, and it comes with stencils, so you can make latte art. I was surprised at how tasty the drinks were, and it's a perfect gift for the kid who wants to drink coffee like their parents, but is too young for all that caffeine.

So, those are some of my picks from the TTPM Holiday Showcase. If the showcase is any indication (and it is), this holiday season is going to be filled with fun, interesting, wacky, and creative toys, that are going to bring kids and adults a lot of joy.

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