Monday, February 11, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Timmy's got a bag of toys from Thinkgeek!

While at Toy Fair, we had a chance to meet with Steve, the Undersecretary for the Ministry of Misinformation at Thinkgeek.  He gave us the opportunity to check out the latest products to come out of TG, plus the chance to rub elbows with the infamous monkey behind it all.

First off is the Build On Brick Mug.  Available now exclusively at Thinkgeek, this is a DIYer's dream.  You get your blank canvas to build on, and whatever happens is up to your brain!  The mug supports all major brick brands, which means you could have a themed mug for every movie premiere!  Also, very pretty packaging, in case you have a gift to give....

Next is every geek's dream, a Titan Sword!  Available March 18th, this bad boy isn't the insanity you think it is.  It is actually made of EVA foam, making it super light and fun to swing around.  Plus, I totally see it being modified by cosplayers asap.  And yes, it really lights up with blue LED's.  Just a hint: TG is thinking they might do a line of EVA foam weaponry.  Squeeeeee!

There are adding a new evil to the Annoy-a-tron line!  The new one is called the Ringtone Annoy-a-tron, designed to mimic all those popular ringtones!  Available early April, this little piece of hardware comes with 6 ringtones, plus a vibrate option to torture anyone you choose!

Finally, an item not even on their site yet, TG's first ever scented candle scent?!  It's not what you are thinking, this isn't some fancy-schmachy flowerly set.  This is a geek scented set for today's geek.  
With four scents:

  • Teen Spirit:  From the song itself, this is a mix of sweat and deodorant.   Not as gross as you were back in the day.
  • Middle Earth: This one is very grassy, not flowery.  Think Shire, not Mordor.   
  • Space: TG actually asked NASA before coming up with this mix of metallic scents and air purifier!
  • Retro Arcade: Also not as gross as you might think, this is a mix of popcorn and soda, with a hint of metallic quarters. 

These should be up on the site hopefully in the next week or two, so keep your eyes peeled.  Editor's Note: They are now up!!!!  Get them here!

Final tidbit from Thinkgeek is about their best event of the year:  April Fools Day!!!   This year, all of the products will be..........real!  That means no matter how ridiculous they seem, you can have them in your home!

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