Sunday, October 10, 2010

New York Comic Con 2010: Quickie Recap - Day 2

Wilderowens here with our Quickie Recap for Day 2.

We all overslept so we got to the hall around 11am.  Getsuyobi went to wander the floor in search of comic book cover prints while Wysefyre and I went to the ReedPop resume session.  I was able to talk with a member of their HR team about possible career opportunities and Wysefyre asked about volunteering.  After that, Wysefyre started a crazy amount of panels, and I wandered the floor.

During my wanderings, I met so many great people, so here is the rundown.  First up, Mike Cavallaro, the artist for The Life and Times of Savior 28 (and the number one thing I was looking forward to).  It was awesome to talk with him and exchange contact info.  I plan to write more about him and Savior 28 in the future.  I learned about another project he worked on called Foiled and also met Jane Yolen, the writer.  I got the first book and learned that they are working on the second one. 

I met Matthew Dow Smith when I got a copy of the Supernatural comic signed for my sister.  He also works on the Dr. Who comics, which I must start to read. I continued to wander and found a copy of Firebreather and got it autographed by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.  They are premiering the Cartoon Network movie tomorrow!  Finally, I got to hang with the great Georges Jeanty.  He is the main artist for the Buffy comics and quite possibly the friendliest guy I know.  Love him and his work!

While I was hobknobbing, Getsuyobi was at The Thing panel and Wysefyre was at a whole bunch of panels.  She was in an amazing Voiceover panel that she hasn't stopped talking about, that was run by  Emmy-winning vocal director, Stevie Vallance.  She attended the LXD panel, which is an amazing dance group that has a web series.  This group also includes our favorite Glee dancer, Harry Shum Jr. or as you know him, Mike Chang.

After lunch, I went to the V Panel (also on my list) and there was so much goodness in that panel that all I can say is wow.  I promise to elaborate soon. :)  Getsyobi and Wysefyre attended the Comedy Central panels: Ugly Americans and Nick Swardson's Pretend Time.  I couldn't make it inside but I could hear the laughter and all I heard was how funny it was.

For tomorrow, we have Legends Day.  We have our Stan Lee tickets and we are going to get on the line for the John Romita, Sr. & Jr. signing.  If you are on the line, find us!  We always love a good line party.