Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Links for July 10

This was a wacky week with the release of San Diego Comic Con programming schedules.  So, that means that the majority of news is that the programming schedules are being released.  Here are some other tidbits that you might have missed....

This week is really the beginning of the end with the final film installment of the Harry Potter series.  I hope you got tickets because over 2,000 screenings have already sold out, making it Fandango's "fastest-selling title of the year so far."

Rumors are flying that the Playstation 4 will debut in 2012.  This new system will be upgraded with motion technology similar to kinect.  Hopefully, the one feature they leave behind is the crazy high price.
(via Mashable)

With all of the media overload, it is nice to look back and see what made you a fan.  JR Pepper of Pink Raygun does just that in this sweet article.

Paramount has set up their very own animation studio.  With a new studio in house, Dreamworks Animation is being kicked to the curb.  

On the creepy newsfeed, this guy installed spyware on random computers in Apple Stores to take pictures of people for his art project.  Apple found out and the Secret Service shut him down.  I really hope he doesn't have a picture of me drooling over a laptop.

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