Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Links for April 3

This past week seemed to be an angry one, with news of fights happening all over the web.

At Megacon last weekend, Comic Grifter Rob Granito got "shutdown" by industry staples Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver. Apparently, Granito has been copying art and selling it as originals at various cons for years. He finally went too far when he claimed a relationship with recently passed Dwayne McDuffie. Since this incident, many cons have banned him from attending.

High fives to Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver for getting rid of this guy!

Over at Twitter, Ron Marz and the official Bluewater Comics account went at it, bashing each other with wild abandon. Marz commented on the new Ayn Rand comic from Bluewater and it went from there. It just bothers me that the company is commenting like this from their official account.

Zynga is taking a beating from fans for their newest Farmville expansion, English Countryside. Players are mad because you can't play both farms at the same time, and F:EC is much harder to get started in. As a former Farmville player, I just have to say that Zynga is a little greedy but the fans can be overly demanding for a free game.

Fans have been going back and forth about the upcoming Wonder Woman show, and specifically the constant costume changes. Our own Wysefyre wrote her opinion about the costume and Geek to Me's Elliott Serrano had a very detailed debate about the show and costume with Meg White of the PrincessCast.

In happier news, Archie Comics finally introduced us to Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character to move to Riverdale. With his arrival, we will see if LGBT characters will appear more frequently in other universes.

Den of Geek writes a very persuasive argument about why Warner Bros. should reboot Batman after Christopher Nolan finishes his trilogy. He has a lot of great points and makes me more comfortable with the idea.

In the absolutely pointless news category, I found an article called "Robert De Niro has a Coke on the set of ‘Another Night’ In Brooklyn." No reaction from Pepsi yet on this devastating turn of events.

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