Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYCC '11: The Truth about October's FCBD

A lot of news comes out from New York Comic Con. It's hard to keep track of every piece, and no news outlet gets it all at first. Often, we even contradict each other. So, when I get a chance, I always get more details.

I began to see one-liner updates that there would be a new Free Comic Book Day in October. Personally, I think it is a great idea. So great that I went to the Diamond Comics Distributors booth to get more details.

Once I asked, I got a grimaced, aggravated look from the booth staff.  The DCD staffer I spoke with explained that the event was still in planning and nothing was confirmed.

Then, he introduced me to Bill Schanes, the Vice President of Purchasing for Diamond. Bill was the one that made the announcement at the Retailer Breakfast where this all started. He said it went down like this: Bill asked if the retailers would be interested in doing an October FCBD, possibly Halloween themed. A fair number of retailers raised their hands to express interest in taking part. Then he told the room that the day was still in early planning mode. After he left the room, reports came out online stating it was definitely happening and very soon.

Bill has no idea how it ballooned online to definitely happening. The only definite I got is that it will not be as big as the May FCBD.

Please keep in mind, they still want this Halloween FCBD to happen. Diamond Comics does events like this to benefit the retailers and fans. If you want a second FCBD, go to your local comics retailer and tell them you want it! Hopefully, we can show enough support to make this happen next year.

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