Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's time for our NYCC Con In A Bag Giveaway!!!

That's right!  The piles have been sorted and bags have been packed up!  It's time for our annual NYCC Con In A Bag Giveaway!!!

For all you new readers, the Con In A Bag is no ordinary giveaway.  This is what your giveaway bag would look like if you had actually attended the show, complete with the back pain after you carry it.  So, you get all the stuff everyone wants, like the autographs, exclusive items, t-shirts, toys and of course, comics.  But you also have the random stuff handed to you like flyers, buttons and weird little things that howl at you.  Yep, your bag will randomly howl at you on occasion.  The only thing we don't include are the long lines and back pain.

So, for this time around, we had enough awesome, amazing stuff plus weird random stuff to create TWO great bags for TWO lucky readers!  Check out the awesome stuff that will be in one of the two bags.

Look at all the prezzies!  Some of this stuff could be all yours!
Except the chair.  That stays here.

A big thank you to our sponsors ComicMix, Dark Horse Comics, and Mega Bloks.  We love these companies so very much and you should check out the awesome they produce!

So get moving and enter now!!  This contest ends when Halloween does, so get moving now!

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