Monday, January 31, 2011

My Response (sorta) to Who Wants to Work in Comics?

Jim Mroczkowski over at iFanboy wrote a great post today about who wants to work in the comic industry. Specifically, after tweeting this:

wife got new budgeting software, is reacting like I would if Marvel called and said, "Hey, want to write Spider-Man for a couple years?"

He realized that writing Spider-Man might be horrible. He goes on to discuss how fans are always saying how they want to write/draw a book and be the next big comic breakout star. That the world's constant scrutiny is tremendous pressure for writers and artists. Well Jim (I hope I can call you Jim), I agree with you. It must be hard to be a writer or artist and deal with the crap that we, as fans and media outlets, put out there. Where you lost me is that I do want to work in comics. Just not as a writer or an artist.

I'm sure I'm not the only fan that wants to work in the industry but not on the creative side. Yet, whenever anyone talks about breaking into comics, us normals are ignored. I'm afraid that we are forgetting about all the people that make it possible for comics to come out and reach the public. Don't forget about them because without them, Dan Slott wouldn't be writing for us.

Jim, who knows what careers are available for you in comics. You never know what you could do, so don't discount it. I am an event planner, and I would love the chance to work in comics. Yes, I'm a fan but who cares? The closest I have come is this blog, on the fringes. So close and still so much fun! So next time someone tells you "I want to work in comics," keep an open mind. They might surprise you with their career path.