Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Links for October 30

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween weekend before the big day tomorrow! Here are some of my favorite Halloween-y stories from the week:

To get you in the holiday spirit, read this very compelling academic theory that geeks created our modern Halloween.
(via Total Fan Girl)

Everyone is so worried about a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion that we are not even seeing the true enemy. The giant Lego invasion is underway!
(via Yahoo! Games)

With the #Occupy protests taking over the globe, everyone is getting involved. Even zombies are taking a side....
(via Pink Raygun)

Check out these fantastic pumpkin carvings. I just love how detailed and creative they are!
(via Facebook)

Have a Happy Halloween, filled with plenty of scares and a full candy belly!

Until next week.....

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