Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vampires Can Do Almost Anything But.....

Vampires Don't Sparkle. This is the answer to all of the sappy vampire stories out in the market today. It comes from writer and director Jet Paine, who has been making short films for the past few years. As a vampire fan, he wants to see vampires as they are supposed to be: Vicious and Scary! His dream has brought him to creating this film, Vampires Don't Sparkle.

The plot description from the blog: Without giving too much away, it's the story of a girl named Ava meeting an unusual and mysterious boy named Sid. Suffice to say, there's a lot more to Sid than meets the eye. If you're thinking Twilight but with vampires that are actually scary, you're not too far off the mark.

Check out their preview video from the Kickstarter page:

I still wasn't sure about this concept after the video but then I watched his short film, Elm City Wuxia. This film wowed and won awards at the Reel New Haven film festival. I love the intensity that he brought to this main character.

After learning that this film was made for almost no money, I can't wait to see what what he will do with a budget. Go support him on making this film.

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