Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2

Cover Page Courtesy of Boom! Studios
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Boom! Studios is two issues in, and I just had to give an update. I probably should have reviewed issue#1 or even the issue #0 but I really wanted to give it a little more time to see how it developed.  I can't wait anymore, so here it is!

In case you couldn't guess, I was always excited by this arrival of this series. I remember going home from school just to see the latest episode of Power Rangers. Yes, I might have been a bit too old to be watching it, but it was fun and entertaining. The show was a basic afternoon kids show though, so it avoided any serious depth in the plot. Mostly, it was a steady march to the fight scene with a moral lesson taught throughout. One of the more interesting ongoing storylines was the battle for the Green Ranger's mind. As I got older, I had wished they had really explored that plot point. Thanks to Boom!, I got my wish.

The series started off with a newly good Green Ranger Tommy dealing with the aftermath of what he had done under Rita's control.  He is haunted by it, as well as Rita Repulsa, who is literally in his mind.  Writer Kyle Higgins does a great job of showing the range of the character's journey that was never explored previously.  And while Tommy is a central figure to the current story, the entire team has been seen and introduced.  In issue 2, Billy gets a great moment with Trini, while giving readers a behind the scenes look of the inner workings of the Dragonzord.  I will tell you this, the best line in issue 2 is in the first panel from Trini.  And she is totally right, Zords are like giant segways.

Page 1 Courtesy of Boom! Studios

The art so far has been top notch.  Hendry Prasetya has done an amazing job capturing a close resemblance to the original actors while still giving the characters their own new and fresh look.  The art style is an americanized manga, which makes since considering the origins of Power Rangers.  However, my favorite art piece is still the cover of issue 2, done by Jamal Campbell.  It's a fantastic shot of the Megazord with a battle pose of Green Ranger and Scorpina.  

Each issue also comes with a continuing short comic of The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk & Skull.  It's almost as if they plucked up the characters subplots from the show and plopped it down on the page.  To be frank, it isn't my favorite part of the issue, and I would be a little happier with an additional two pages to the core story.  Writer Steve Orlando and artist Corin Howell do a fine job with the characters, but with the more developed core story, having the humorous addition at the end seems unneeded.  Still, it's better than trying to weave them into the core story too much.  

If you were a watcher of the '90's show, then Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is hands down a must read.  Boom! has taken a childhood classic and polished it up to be more developed and balanced than the show ever was.  But even with all the changes, when you see the Rangers morph, that theme song will be playing in your head.  

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 will be available on April 6th.

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