Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who knows the Night Folk?

I met Matthew Dow Smith at NYCC when I was wandering through Artist Alley, just checking out what people had out. I stopped at his table because of the Supernatural comics, and he was kind enough to sign a couple for me. I started following his work, and I have a fondness for his artwork. So when I heard he was starting a new project, I knew that I wanted to be on board.

Here enters The Night Folk, a novel written and illustrated by Smith. It has been something he has worked on for years, and is ready to take the final push to finish it. The Night Folk is a world hidden from us and is only discovered by young Victoria. Take a look at his Kickstarter video.

It has an interesting premise but what really drew me in was the art of the villain. It just chills me the way that a villain should.

In addition to releasing some art, Smith has also released part of the first chapter and a related short story. The story has a great vibe, and I can definitely see potential in where he is going. I have personally supported this and I hope you do too! Go check out The Night Folk Kickstarter page for more details!

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