Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Links for May 15

The big news of the week was the beginning of the TV massacre. Among shows that are canceled are geek favorites No Ordinary Family, V and The Event. Happily, bubble show but personal fav Chuck is coming back for a final season! We also heard about new show pickups with the sad news that geek shows Locke & Key and Wonder Woman were discarded, despite all of the fan interest/anger. You can see if your show has been renewed here. TVLine also has a preview of shows definitely to come right here.

Apparently Marvel has been cutting back on page counts on some of their $2.99 books to 20 pages, in suit with DC Comics. However, these books are going to release extra issues so creators don't lose out on work.

Talking about cutting back, Upper Deck has been chopping up vintage Marvel comics to make trading cards. They are going to be the rarest addition to their Marvel Beginning series. I kinda want one but I feel sad that some of these vintage comics are being destroyed.

For a laugh, check out All Things Fangirl's interpretation of how a movie pitch meeting really goes. Warning though, the humor starts to fade when you realize it may be true.

Despite being a few days late, Tom Katers over at iFanboy wrote a touching tribute to his Mom and how she helped him become such a great geek.

Until next week....

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