Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: Invincible Iron Man #500.1

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This week, we got our first taste of Marvel's Point One program with an introduction to Invincible Iron Man. This issue is designed for both hardcore Iron Man fans and newbies. As a Marvel newbie myself, and only knowing the basic story lines, I was excited to give this issue a shot.

This issue starts out with Tony heading into a AA meeting. He gets up to tell his story to sobriety. Through Tony Stark's eyes, we get to see his journey from childhood to adulthood to actually maturing into an adult. Not surprisingly, did you know Tony partied at a young age? We see how Tony embraces the idea of taking responsibility for himself. But then, at the end of the story, we see him get shot down by Pepper and go pick up another girl.

As for a jumping on point, this issue seems to give a decent overview if you know something about the story. It actually felt like I was reading a clip show. As a new reader of the series, I felt like some back story was explained but even more was just hinted at. Unless you know who Pepper is, their conversation at the end just doesn't make sense. You see Rhodes as Iron Man and War Machine but his name isn't mentioned. I know Captain America died in the Civil War but the new readers they are targeting don't.

I did learn some new things I didn't know. It was interesting to see Tony as homeless and strung out. However, I just don't think this character is for me. He does provide a dramatic story but it's just too much drama for me.

I'm not sure this issue is a great way to gain new readers, but that could be as much about the story than how its told. I probably won't continue reading this but I will keep trying the Point One issues.

What did you think of this issue?

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