Sunday, October 14, 2012

NYCC '12 Day Three Highlights

Day three started in the best way possible - meeting with Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano for roundtable interviews about The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. From there I raced into the The Dark Knight panel and the audience was treated to a fantastic Q & A. We were shown clips from TDKR Pt. 2 and a new movie slated to come out next spring. I tried to go up to the floor, but could barely move around. The crowd was insane, so I said hi to a friend who was working at a booth and ran back downstairs. 

I jumped into the King of Nerds panel featuring the stars of Revenge of the Nerds franchise, Curtis Armstrong (Booger) and Robert Carradine (Lewis). There were nerd debates and jeopardy, and they gave away fun prizes. 

Next, came the Fables 10th Anniversary panel. What a treat! While we were waiting for it to begin, Bill Willingham was telling awful, corny jokes and keeping us entertained. Prizes were given, questions were answered, and laughs were had by all. 

After that, I wandered around for a bit, met up with some other friends, and finally started to explore Artist's Alley, where I got to talk to Sanford Greene. There I met up with Wilderowens, and we went to the Geek Girls Network Geek Out, where we hung out with old friends, met some new ones, and had a fantastic time.

Wilderowens finally had a mellow day, wandering the floor for a bit. She hung out with Cully Hamner and Josh Fialkov at the DC booth. While she didn't get her interview with Joel Hodgson of MST3K, (but will via email!!!) she did get to chat with Fred Chao, the creator of Johnny Hiro!!