Friday, December 16, 2011

Today is Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day!

Today is a day for everyone to declare their heart exists only for lightsabers and Millennium Falcons.  Today is Wear Star Wars, Share Star Wars Day!

In case you never knew this day existed, here is the background. Last year, the interwebs learned about Katie. Katie is a first grader who loved Star Wars so much that she carried her Star Wars water bottle to school. The boys in her class made a point of teasing her that "Star Wars was only for boys." Katie's mom blogged about this incident and the larger issue of bullying. Soon after, geeks from all around the world were siding with Katie, letting her know she was not alone in her love of Star Wars.

So that brings us to today. Today you should celebrate by wearing some Star Wars to show your love and donate a Star Wars toy to a toy drive, making sure to specify that the toy is for a boy or girl.

Ultimately, today is about acceptance and equality for all. Even if you don't like Star Wars, you should still find meaning in that. Still, everything is better with a Wookie.

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