Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Links for August 28

I'm trapped by the hurricane but in case you are safe, make sure you celebrate International Read Comics in Public Day! I'm hoping that Getsuyobi follows through with number 1....
(via [insertgeekhere])

In anticipation of the premiere of the DC 52, many of the artists have been releasing preview art pieces. I'm in love with the Nightwing piece.
(via Robot 6)

If you are is upset about the DCnU, then imagine a monthly comic team-up of Batman and Iron Man, or Oracle and Forge. Well, it almost happened. Check out this possible alternate universe.
(via Bleeding Cool)

It is always important to treat your local comics dealer with respect. Here are the in's and out's of managing your pull list so everyone is happy.
(via The Weekly Crisis)

Ever give up on a video game? You aren't alone; it turns out that most people never complete any video games.
(via CNN)

Finally, make sure that you enter our Lost At The Con giveaway! It ends tomorrow so go enter now!

Until next week....

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