Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Links for March 6

After this week of quoting the insanities of Charlie Sheen, let's take a look back and see what else we missed....

The big movie news of the week was the release of a very creepy looking Red Skull from the new Captain America movie. Love the look and I am totally getting more excited by the day! In DC movie news, there is a rumor floating that Aragorn himself, Viggo Mortensen, is up for the role of General Zod in the new Superman flick. You all know how excited I am for Superman, and I would love to see Mortensen be the baddie.

CBLDF announced this week, in conjunction with Cryptozoic Entertainment, their new trading card series called The Liberty Trading Cards. The set will include sketch cards, chase cards and autographs, along with more than 70 of today’s top creators. I guess the new trend for geeks is trading cards, after the Geek A Week cards went on sale last month. CBLDF is also fundraising with 100 Words, a poem about death written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Jim Lee. The poem can be purchased for $0.99 in the DC Comics app from comiXology, with all of DC's proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense fund.

This past Wednesday was the 25th Anniversary of She-Ra, the pinnacle female from the MotU shows. As someone who grew up telling people that I was the Princess of Power, among other things, I am excited to see that She-Ra lives on in the memories of others, inspiring many as she inspired me.

If you head over to Google today, you will see a tribute to Will Eisner. Today would have been his 94th birthday, and it kicks off Will Eisner Week. MoCCA in NYC is starting a Will Eisner exhibit this week, along with the “In the Spirit of Will Eisner” show with Eisner-influenced pieces. There are events happening all over the world, so check Will Eisner Week to see if it is happening in your area.

This one really gets to me. MTV Geek puts out a list of the 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Comics and Resurrection isn't on it?! I mean, some of these are great series but Resurrection is just a superb alien apocalypse tale. Go read it.

Whew, we made it through without a single Sheen reference....oh wait. I just gotta post this! Comics Alliance has paired Charlie Sheen quotes with superheroes, and it is just too perfect. Enjoy or weep. Your choice.

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