Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We got an interview with.....Amber Benson!!

Sunday, as New York Comic Con was ending, a book signing was happening downtown. We had wanted to go because we are all fans of Amber Benson, but as you might have read in our recap of day three, we couldn't due to wacky shenanigans. Instead we sent a friend of the IGH team, Faith, to cover the event. This was especially fortuitous because Faith happens to be acquaintances with Amber. So without further ado, please give a warm welcome our guest blogger, Faith, and enjoy! 


Interview with Amber Benson

Sunday, I caught up with an acquaintance of mine at her book signing at Books of Wonder, on W18th Street in NYC. The acquaintance in question is the renaissance woman, Amber Benson.

After a wonderful panel including Amber, Mindi Scott, Laura Toffler-Corrie and many others, as well as book signing by these amazing writers, who call themselves the 10'ers, the 2010 incarnation of a community of authors debuting YA or MG novels, (The 2009 incarnation was called the Debutantes, and the 2011 writers will have a catchy nickname as well.) Amber made some time for me and was more than willing to answer my questions.

Will [your movie] Drones be coming to NYC?

Slamdance took up a lot of the promotional time for Drones, and as hard as we tried to make deals with IFC and the like, it just didn't happen. However, it's coming to mainstream theaters in March, so it isn't much of an issue.

What are you currently writing? 

I'm working on the fourth book in the Death's Daughter series. Book three will be out in March, it's with the publishers now. There's going to be a fourth and a fifth book.

Any news on Ghosts of Albion?

Oh, I would SO love to write more of that, Chris [Golden] and I would both love to write more of them, but our Editor left, so we're sort of stuck on that front at the moment... but keep your eyes open, we both love it so much.

What are you doing now? New books, new film projects, acting?

Adam and I have another film project we'd like to begin, we're working on funding right now. It's sort of a "Hard Day's Night" meets "Cinema Verte". We're definitely in the planning stages, so you heard it first!

How is Adam [Busch]?

Adam's great, he wishes he was here, actually. He's in Phoenix, for Drones, it's sort of the baby we have joint custody of, sometimes he watches it, sometimes I do. He's on diaper duty right now.

Does it bother you when people come to the book signings and are strictly Buffy fans?

Not at all. It's all part of the package, and y'know, I feel like no matter how they got here, they're still here. It's really great to be recognized in that way.

So, with how busy you are, what's your guilty pleasure right now?

Reading. Most definitely. I write so much, that it's wonderful to be able to sit down with a book. I love mysteries right now, I'm reading a book by Henning Mankell. It's really wonderful.

Amber's always wonderful to talk to, and I consider myself very lucky to count her among my acquaintances. She promised to keep me apprised of her projects, and I'll keep all of you in the loop!

~Faith Alana Alastair (@faithlessfate)