Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: The Victories: Touch

By Reboot

I just read Dark Horse Comics' The Victories: Touch Vol. 1 collecting issues #1-5 of the mini-series before the recent on-going.  The Victories is a Michael Avon Oeming (co-creator of the Marvel imprint Icon's Powers) property that he writes and illustrates.  Oeming is facilitated in this endeavor with coloring by Nick Filari and lettering by Aaron Walker.

The Victories is a superhero comic.  If you got a chance to read my review of The Mighty Titan #1, you'll know how I feel about superhero comics outside of the big two currently, which is that they aren't too necessary and we should really be developing comics in all genres further since we are over-saturated with superheroes.  This book does not sway my opinion on that.  That also does not mean that this is a bad book; far from it. 

[IGH] at the Movies: Man of Steel

This week marks the return of the first superhero to the big screen in Man of Steel.  Three of the [IGH] family got a chance to see it right before it opened and you know we all had different feelings.