Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Star Battles!

There is an epic geek battle happening right now on the interwebs.  It is a classic battle of fandoms that spans generations.  It is Star Trek vs. Star Wars!  That's right, we are still in the struggle of two classic scifi influences.  This is not an old argument; it has become so mainstream there was even a movie with a running joke dedicated to it!

Trekkers really aren't that bad 
I rarely meet someone who hates one versus the other.  In the long run, I think most geeks are like me in that we enjoy both franchises for various reasons.  I don't even consider them in the same field since SW is definitely more fantasy than ST.  Additionally, ST takes place in our future where SW takes place in someone else's past.  In the end, they are only compared because they both have "Star" in the title and have greatly influenced pop culture.
Still, this battle has taken a backseat over the past few years, especially since everyone put aside their differences to hate on Twilight.  So how did this all start up again?  You can blame Bill Shatner for that one.  He posted a short video talking about how Star Trek was so much better than Star Wars....