Friday, December 2, 2011

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Turns 1!

I never thought this would happen but Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is celebrating its anniversary... sort of. It's been one year since STOD opened on Broadway, but that was version 1.0. Version 2.0 premiered June 4th. Either way, congrats on making it this far.

I was fairly vocal about how flawed STOD was in its original incarnation, and I'm yet to see 2.0, but after sitting in on the STOD panel at NYCC, and reading many, MANY reviews from people I trust, I'm happy for the Spidey team. They took what had originally been a disaster and apparently fixed it. This kind of situation is so rare on Broadway, it's kind of amazing.

Thanks to the success of the show, the producers can make plans to recoup the investment and turn a profit. A recent New York Times article spoke with the producers of the show and a few of the ideas thrown around were adding new scenes and a new musical number each year and expanding their radio campaigns in all across the US. There are no plans to take the show overseas, but it is an eventual possibility. I don't know if I like these ideas, but I admire their willingness to be creative, and I think I've finally come on board the STOD train. I'm sincerely rooting for them. 

If you haven't seen it yet, give it shot. One of the people who told me he loved the show was Amazing Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott. I ran into him at the STOD panel, and he couldn't stop talking about how much he loved it. I believe he's seen it 4 times already. If you're going to take anyone's advice on seeing the show, take his.

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