Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman's New Look - Yay or Nay?

The network heard the cries of the fans and decided to alter the look of the Wonder Woman outfit for the television series... you'd think we'd be happy they listened to us and took our criticisms seriously. Well, we would be if NBC had not given us this:

It's great that the boots are now the original red, as they should be, and they also are sporting a lower heel, making running easier, but the shape of the boots is horrible. They remind me of rain boots.

And the pants? Ugh! One of the biggest complaints was how shiny they were. Okay, again, it's great that this was taken into account, but did they need to make them look like they are made from the cheapest spandex/polyester blend available? And what's up with the row of stars? Is it to make her look more patriotic, is it decorative or did they just have some extra stars laying around in the costume design area and decided to play around with them? 

I honestly don't know which is better? This or the original. I understand it is difficult to design something that is realistic as well as fantastical while keeping its iconic feel, but surely, the design team has access to better materials. If not, then a) they should be given a bigger budget and b) I'm a little worried about the show because the outfit is very important for Wonder Woman. She's Wonder Woman, for pete's sake! Let's do her justice!

To see more pictures, head over to The Daily Blam.

What do you guys think? Better or worse?

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