Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting ready for V!!

This post is spoiler-filled so if you don't like spoilers
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Today, the first season of the scifi thriller V comes out on DVD!! In honor of that, here are some tasty tidbits I picked up.

At New York Comic Con, I got to attend the V Panel. It included Morena Baccarin (Anna), Laura Vandervoot (Lisa) and the original V Queen Jane Badler (Diana). But before I talk about what they said, I want to give you the scribbles from the trailer that they showed us. And yes, they are scribbles. I tried taking screen shots but it was too mesmerizing to ignore.

- "It's Earth or Nothing"
- Jack joins the 5th Column and meets the whole team
- More Red Sky from the finale - lasts at least five days
- The 29 other captains confront Anna about Red Sky and she gets angry
- Anna may have human emotion
- Diana is Anna's mother and is being kept in a dungeon

And now to the panel...the Moderator was Damian Holbrook from TV Guide. He was hysterical and if I got nothing else out of this panel, I found someone else to read.

This photo was borrowed from the fine folks at SciFi Cool

Where Season 2 begins

The launching pad for Season 2 is Red Sky from the S1 finale. Even Anna can't foresee the impact. With Red Sky comes Red Clouds which make Red Rain. This was Anna's plan all along but not this quickly. She will have to deal with the repercussions. (For all of you original V fans, no Red Dust in this series.)

On Jane Badler joining the cast:

- She had to audition for the role but once she did, there was no contest.
- This is a different Diana than the first series; this Diana is wiser.
- She is very excited on this reboot; "Feels like Diana hasn't finished her business on earth yet."

Morena Baccarin on Anna:

- Anna does begin to feel human emotion as seen in S1 finale.
- She thinks it would be interesting if Anna felt enough emotion to connect to a human.
- Anna butts heads with Erica and of course, her mommy Diana.

Laura Vandervoort on playing two different scifi women:

- She loves both of them equally and feels so honored to play strong female roles. She also loves to play evil.
- LV says that Lisa will pick a side this season. Joshua referred to Lisa as his queen, others may also do so.

Finally some more tidbits from the Executive Producer, Steve Pearlman:

- We are not going to see a full alien invasion for a long time.
- Anna had 6 eggs that survived and they will been seen in the first episode. The Visitors grow quickly and these eggs will hatch quick! We will also see Valerie's baby growing up fast.
- We will see more and more about what the V look like for real.
- Toward the middle of the season, we will get some questions answered about why Tyler is the one, and more importantly, What are the V's genders?!

Resistance Updates:

We will see the globalization of the Fifth Column. Oded Fehr joins the team for a story arc to make this happen.

Each actor listed their favorite scenes:

Morena Baccarin - Using tail to kill another V in S2, punching my daughter (Vandervoot looked a little shocked at this!), and laying eggs.
Jane Badler - Using fangs
Laura Vandervoort - Puberty scene

I am super excited for this season to start, and really sad that they already cut back the episode order even though it hasn't aired yet! Please tune in on January 4, 2011 to find out why the Visitors are really here.