Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Links for Nov. 27th

This week, we said a big thanks to each other, then went rampaging through stores.

We just want to say thanks for all of you awesome people that read [IGH]. We also have a list of some of our top geeky shopping deals!
(via [insertgeekhere]

The new HTC Facebook phone is nicknamed Buffy 'cause it's gonna slay all the other phones. I don't want it for the FB options but if they keep the name, then it might be fun.
(via Mashable)

DC gets another chance at the small screen with a Booster Gold series. Hopefully this guy has a better chance than our favorite Amazonian.
(via The Mary Sue)

I need your stop NBC from making a huge mistake. They have benched my favorite comedy, Community. Please join me in signing this petition to save this work of genius!
(via Geeks Are Sexy

Until next week....

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