Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow Days Equal LEGO

As you may or may not know, [IGH] is based in New York City. We were scheduled for a giant, crazy, major storm this week. However, science happened and I was denied my chance to face plant myself into 3+ feet of snow. But because the city shut itself down, my day job followed suit and I got a snow day!!! 

Glorious snow day! How I missed you from my childhood. I couldnt just squander this precious gift on TV and the Internet. Why do chores when I can reenact snow days of old? In order to take full advantage of this uninterrupted playtime, I broke out my Legos.

I got this set as an event giveaway earlier in the week. And first, I set it up as the box suggested. One must follow the instructions. Sadly, this took way longer than it should. I obviously need to build more sets.

After it was all set up, I enacted the whole scene so Superman fails and Lois takes Zod down herself. Why? Because it's my snow day. Then I proudly showed it off to my roommate, who continued to do whatever grownup thing she was doing. All of this was followed by playing in the small amount of snow we got because it's still snow.

So, the next snow day you might be lucky enough to get, don't feel pressured to do grown up things. That's for the everyday pressures of life. Instead, break out your toys, sit on the floor and play.

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