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Video Friday! 7/22/11

Hello Gentle Viewers! How is everyone doing? Are you suffering in the heat? Fear not! Here are some fun videos to help cool you down.

And since we all know today is Captain America Day, it wouldn't be right not to include a little something for him. Enjoy!

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Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Make-way for the Star-Spangled Man!  Marvel's latest blockbuster drops this weekend and we got a sneak peek this past Wednesday.  I was more than excited for the opportunity to get an early look at this movie, and it did not disappoint.  Wysefyre and I trekked to the AMC theater on 42nd St in Manhattan and lined up with all of the other lucky winners.  We've actually been to a couple of these screenings now and I have to say this one was the most smooth by far.  From there we were in and ready to enjoy!

Flame on!  Hmm? Oh! Sorry, yes.. what do I yell?
BUY WAR BONDS!  (really?!)

For those not in the know, Captain America is the last installment in Marvel Studios' line of blockbusters before they bring them all together for the magnum-opus that will be Joss Whedon's Avengers.  For Captain America they focus on the origin story of the loser kid from Brooklyn that wants to do his part to fight the Nazi menace.  I think the most intriguing aspect of this movie is that it focuses entirely on Cap's adventures through World War II Europe, chasing down Hydra and the Red Skull.  Many other Cap stories were eager to thrust him into the present and go from there, but those stories end up losing a lot of the character development that truly shaped the Man into the Hero.  Make no mistake this take on Cap not only gets it all right, but goes the extra mile in a lot of ways.  From the comedic moments that have defined Marvel Studios' recent successes to the intense action sequences, this movie has it all; plus Tommy Lee Jones!!

If looking at a young person disapprovingly was a super power, Tommy Lee Jones would be the star.

While Johnny Storm plays a great Captain America; I personally believe Mr. Jones was the highlight of the film.  Playing the part of the Colonel Chester Phillips, and he's the Army's guy behind the top-secret super solider program.  Col. Phillips not only gets some of the best lines in the film, but gets to be the guy who orders around our hero.  The good guys also get some Marvel Universe muscle from Bucky Barnes & Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan (played by Sebastian Stan & Neal McDonough respectively) and some good-old fashioned super-science from a young Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper).  All parts are played to perfection and make the team a well-rounded and fun group.  I would also lose my Man-Card if I didn't mention the beautiful Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell.  She plays the love interest and kick-ass female lead (imagine Black Widow's plucky Grandma, beating on the Nazis in her hey-day).  The biggest downside to this cast is that, since the movie takes place in 1942, their characters will all be dead or over 90 years old for the next movie.  Personally I think Tommy Lee Jones should return as the equally gruff son of the deceased Colonel, in fact, just put him in every movie going forward (Why does Sammy J get to be the only one?!)

"I'm everywhere!  Deal with it Mutha %@&!*"

While the movie was great, it won't be without its controversies between the fans.  First-off, we saw it in 3D.  Personally I think every single movie that's been released in 3D in the past 10 years has been a waste.  (The only exception being the anniversary special re-release of the Nightmare Before Christmas)  So I guess it goes without say that I thought the 3D effects were underwhelming.  Don't get me wrong the special effects were great, but with only one throw-away "shield flies at the screen" moment, there was no other real use of the 3D effect.  I'd much rather see a brighter picture than have to watch through those shades they give out...  Enough about my petty hang ups.  The real controversy didn't happen until after the movie, or rather has to do with what didn't happen after the movie.  The now standard post-credit teaser for the next movie was disappointingly absent from our sneak peek of Captain America.  I'm hoping this might be because they didn't want it to leak before the wide release, and maybe they will have something when it opens in theaters.  Either way this movie was good enough for me to be making the trip this weekend to check it out one more time.

There may be one other reason to see it again...

Support your Country!  Support awesome comic-book movies!  Support Tommy Lee Jones!  Go check out Captian America: The First Avenger.  In theaters now!  Then tell us what you think, find us on twitter, facebook and in real life (right behind you).

Achtung Mr. Anderson!

UPDATE:  Not only is there a special scene after the theatrical release version, there is a full-blown trailer for the Avengers after that!!!  What are you waiting for?!