Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random Gift Idea: Lost At The Con

Hitting the wall for gift ideas?  Stuck with shopper's block?  Well, we are here to help with some random gift ideas for every boy and girl.  Every once and while, we will post one item that will probably fit one person on your list.  Plus, we will personally approve all of the gifts we suggest!  These are [IGH approved], so have no fear!

Here is a random gift idea for everyone that wants to support an author directly!  Check out Bryan Young's new bookstore, where you can get autographed copies of his amazing work.  

In that shop is the [IGH approved] Lost At The Con, which is a must read about the real world of cons.  Wysefyre reviewed it as "funny and smart and thought provoking" and "the perfect book for geeks and non-geeks alike." So pick this up and cross one more name off your shopping list. At $18.99 (includes domestic shipping), it is a great autographed gift for the con goer in your life.

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