Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sohmer Scoop at BEA

Last week, Wilderowens and I attended BookExpo America. We got to meet a lot of great authors and companies, and have procured a ton of books for us to read, review, and possibly give away, but one of the highlights for me was getting a moment to chat with Ryan Sohmer aka writer/creator of Least I Could Do, The Gutters, and Looking For Group as well as VP/Creative Director of Blind Ferret Entertainment and Matthew Stone aka Marketing Director Extraordinaire of BFE.

Thanks to Twitter and gifts, Sohmer and Stone were kind enough to talk to us for a few minutes. 

There were two projects we were anxious to learn more about - 

One was about the Least I Could Do animated series pilot. I'll admit I'm a little bit obsessed with LICD, and I've been wondering for a long time why some form of it hasn't been on the air. A Kickstarter was created for the project and exceed its goal and now, Sohmer is taking his time to make sure it's perfect, especially after what happened with Teletoon, but it is going to happen. Squeee! 

The other was about his upcoming book with Rebecca Dreistadt, The Bear. In case you didn't know, it's a "series of stand alone paintings detailing the bond that forms between a first time father and his son, and the discoveries they both make along the way." (behance) Since Sohmer first announced its existence, I have been waiting for its arrival. The guys gave us a peek at the book, and Wilderowens quickly picked out pages she wants as prints, and I have just decided I want the whole book plastered on my walls. Yes. The work is that good. 

What makes this book stands out is how much love has been put into it. It oozes from the pages. Sohmer even said that of all his different projects, The Bear is the one he's most proud of (but shhhhh. Don't tell Lar because then he'll cry). 

I clearly cannot say enough good things about this book. Between Sohmer's ability to blend twisted humor with loving sincerity and Dreistadt gorgeous artwork, this book will be a must-have. Luckily, it is almost done and should be out later this year. I'm already planning on giving it out as a gift to several people. 

Seriously, take a look at some of these pages. They are wonderful.

So there you have it, some Sohmer scoop (try saying the five times fast). Oh! We also finally settled a debate on how to pronounce Sohmer's name. It's SO-mer, not Sah-mer or Su-mer or Sum-mer or Saw-mer (unless you have a thick NYC accent, then it's understandable). Remember this for the next time you see him. 

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